Dont Worry. You aren't the only Fan left on the planet.

We know it feels that way right now. We're all missing out on the panels, movie openings, book signings, masquerades, fan gatherings, and music concerts that we'd expected to be attending this spring and summer.


But your kind are still out here. 


We've got laptops, cellphones, and Internet connections, and we're going to bring you three days of amazing panels from some of the coolest authors, filmmakers, game designers, screenwriters, podcasters, futurists, cosplayers and other amazing thinkers and creators. It's all online and it's all FREE. And it's coming June 26th - 28th to a web browser near you.     

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Our Featured Speakers

Carvin Knowles
Composer & Filmmaker - The Funhouse Waltz / The Case of Evil / Peter Jackson's Hobbit Blog
John Jennings
Editor & Graphic Novelist - Parable of the Sower / Box of Bones / Blacker the Ink: Constructions of the Black Identity
Judalina Neira
Producer & Screenwriter - Netflix’s The Girls on the Bus / The Flash / Daisy Jones and the Six
Teresa Huang
Screenwriter & Story Editor - MacGuyver / Superstition / SEAL Team
Tad Williams
Author - Empire of Grass / The Witchwood Crown / The Dragonbone Chair / Otherland
John Cutter
Game Designer - Betrayal at Krondor / Wings / Defender of the Crown
Mark Hadlow
Actor & Director - Dori from The Hobbit / King Kong / Mortal Engines
Blair Mowat
Composer & Writer - Doctor Who / Torchwood / Class
Sade’ Sellers
Producer, Screenwriter & Podcaster - Deadly Dispatch / Afro Horror Podcast
Larry Nemecek
Author, Director, & Actor - Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion / The Con of Wrath / Star Trek Continues
J. Holtham
Writer & Producer - Supergirl / Marvel's Jessica Jones / Marvel's Cloak & Dagger
Ilana C. Myer
Author - Last Song Before Night / Fire Dance / The Poet King
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LockDownCon introduces the first Swords & Circuitry Film Festival! This collection of short films will take you on a thrill ride through the lands of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, all produced by small-budget producers with tremendous imaginations. Screenings will begin on Friday, June 26th at 8 PM, Pacific Standard Time. At 11:00 PM, we'll bring you a collection of terrors specially curated by the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival director, Miguel Rodriguez.


We'll be announcing new selections for the festival every week, so come back soon to see what we've added!    



Friday, June 26th



Neal Hallford, Jana Hallford


Cosplay Showcase: The Arts & Crafts of Make-Believe

Jana Hallford (M), Susan Fox


Designing Narrative For Computer Games

 Jana Hallford (M), Neal Hallford


Swords & Circuitry Film Festival featuring Horrible Imaginings

"Daisy Belle", "The Case of Evil", "The Funhouse Waltz", "The Funhouse Waltz" 

Saturday, June 27th


The Golden Age of Computer Gaming

Neal Hallford (M), Trip Hawkins, 



Top Shelf Fantasy: Conversations With Epic Authors

Tad Williams, Ilana C. Myer, Neal Hallford (M)


Optimism & The Futures Of Sci-Fi Worlds

Andre Bormanis, Larry Nemecek, J. Holtham


Restoring Scientific Thought In America

Andre Bormanis


Sneak Preview: Uncharted Regions Episode "Haven"

Neal Hallford, Jana Hallford,


I Am The Scribe From The Video: Fantastic TV Writers

Geoffrey Thorne, Judalina Neira, Teresa Huang, Neal Hallford (M)


Heroes At the Mic: Quarantine Edition

Ben Ragunton, Sade’ Sellers, Neal Hallford (M)

11:00am NEW PANEL!

Afro-Futuristic Visions In Comics

Neal Hallford (M), John Jennings, Geoffrey Thorne


Sunday, June 28th


Monsters In My Backyard: Filmmaking On A Budget

Jenn Page, William Wall, Carvin Knowles, Neal Hallford (M)


The Universe of Doctor Who

Blair Mowat


Filmmaking with Mobile Phones

Susy Botello, Jed Brophy, Mark Hadlow


Junk & Disorderly Special Edition: Sci-Fi Yard Sale

Neal Hallford, Jana Hallford 



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June 26th - 28th

No Admission Fee

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