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LockDownCon 2021 Updates & 2020 Flashbacks

LockDownCon 2021 Updates & 2020 Flashbacks

LockDownCon 2021 Updates & 2020 Flashbacks
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LockDownCon II - Sunday Programming

LockDownCon II - Sunday Programming

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LockDownCon II - Saturday Programming

LockDownCon II - Saturday Programming

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LOCKDOWNCON 2020_Filmmaking With Mobile Phones

LOCKDOWNCON 2020_Filmmaking With Mobile Phones

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LockDownCon II: T-Minus One Month

LockDownCon II: T-Minus One Month

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LockDownCon is a production of Swords & Circuitry Studios and is presented as a free event to the fan community by Neal Hallford & Jana Ondrechen Hallford

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All Times Listed Are Pacific Time

Saturday, June 26th

10 a.m.
"The Indie Games Revolution"

For many years, the computer gaming industry has been dominated by large corporations with deep pockets and huge teams. Now, thanks to a multitude of democratizing tools like Unity, Unreal Engine, and Amazon Lumberyard, small, independent teams are developing fun, professional-level games on "mom-and-pop" budgets. Our panelists talk about their travails and triumphs while bringing their indie creations to life.

Chris Taylor (InterGalactic Space Empire), Greg MacMartin (Interdimensional Games), Damjan Mozetic (Call of Saregnar), Craig Ritchie (Broken Roads), Gil MacLean (Odd Gods), Julia Minamata (The Crimson Diamond), Xalavier Nelson Jr. (An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs)

11 a.m.

"OTHERworlds: Conversations With Epic Authors"

While fantasy, sci-fi, and horror show us glimpses of far off kingdoms, spooky old houses, or exotic alien planets, genre fiction often is rooted in issues and ideas that are a little closer to our everyday lives. We'll chat with our authors about each of their amazing worlds, and discuss the role that allegory might play in their various works of speculative fiction.

Ilana C. Myer (The Poet King), Sheree Renee Thomas (Nine Bar Blues), Michelle Renee Lane (Invisible Chains), David Mack (The Shadow Commission) 

"Greenwood: Genre Reflections on the Massacre"

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the burning of Greenwood, the worst, racially-motivated one-day massacre in modern American history. For many decades this event was not spoken of nor written about outside the Black community, but now, thanks to WATCHMEN; LOVECRAFT COUNTRY; ACROSS THE TRACKS: REMEMBERING GREENWOOD, BLACK WALL STREET, AND THE TULSA RACE MASSACRE; and other media reflections, an important event in our American history is finally being discussed in the mainstream. We'll talk about what Black Wall Street was, what happened in 1921, how these media reflections affect how we discuss real world issues, and also about how Greenwood continues to deal with the legacy of the burning.   

John Jennings (Across the Tracks: Remembering Greenwood, Black Wall Street, and the Tulsa Race Massacre), Alverne Ball (Across the Tracks: Remembering Greenwood, Black Wall Street, and the Tulsa Race Massacre), Dr. Grace D. Gipson (Virginia Commonwealth University), Carlos Moreno (The Victory of Greenwood)

1 PM
"But Is It Trek?"

When Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted, there were a significant segment of fans who objected to the new series because "it didn't feel like it was Star Trek". The same argument erupted again with the arrival of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and with every subsequent new addition to the Star Trek franchise including the more recent debuts of Star Trek: Discovery, Picard, and Lower Decks. Aside from references to Starfleet, Klingons, and Vulcans, what are the essential ingredients that make Trek, well...Trek? Our panel of Treksperts weigh in.   

Andre Bormanis (Star Trek: Enterprise), Larry Nemecek (Portal 47), David Mack (Star Trek: Prodigy), Derek Tyler Attico (Star Trek Adventures: The Klingon Empire), Kelli Fitzpatrick (Star Trek Adventures: The Klingon Empire)

2 PM

"Beyond the Sky, Below the Sea"

In the age when we can Google a picture of almost anyplace we want to know about it, it's easy to fall into the trap of believing that we've discovered everything that can be discovered. In reality, significant portions of our seas, forests, polar regions, and our solar neighborhood remain largely unmapped or understood. We'll talk with a panel of real-life explorers who are still uncovering the secrets of our world, and talk about how exploration benefits us all. 

Jyotika Virmani (Schmidt Ocean Institute), Sam Ortega (NASA Human Landing System Program), Jonathan Knowles (NASA Frontier Development Lab)

3 PM

"Showcase: The Amazing World of Botworks"

Starring a cast of misfit mechanical friends living in an abandoned robot factory, Botworks is a charming new YouTube children's show from filmmaker William Wall, creator of the heart-warming and Emmy award-winning sci-fi short, Daisy Belle. William will take us behind-the-scenes of the show's production, talk about how he creates the bots, and give us a glimpse at what lies ahead for the show.      
William Wall (Botworks)

4 PM

"Heroes At the Mic"

Our podcast panel returns with a line-up of show runners who share their experiences, and talk about the techniques, tools, and platforms they use to turn their programs into reality.    

Allan Kaspar (RetroRents), Nick Watt (RetroRents), Jenn Cobb (GoldyThoughts), Steve Garrett (Within The Realm), Jenn Page (The Nerd Couple Show), John Curtis (The Nerd Couple Show)

Saturday Night Satellite Transmissions

After a dinner break, we return for our  Saturday after-hours programming of music featuring bands and individual performers with connections to the world of pop-culture fandom. 


5 PM

Punk Rock 

Digital Lizards of Doom


1 p.m.
"Across the Line: Comics In a Transmedia World"

Comics are everywhere these days, and they are increasingly the source material from which movies and television are drawing inspiration. The writers and artists behind some of the hottest mainstream and indie comics chime in with their thoughts about the pervasive influence of sequential storytelling and how it may, or may not, have altered the way they create their works.  

Geoffrey Thorne (Green Lantern), Anne Toole (Horizon Zero Dawn), John Jennings (Across the Tracks), Nancy Holder (Mary Shelley Presents Tales of the Supernatural), Kayden Phoenix (A La Brava, Universe of Latina Superheroes)​, John Zuur Platten (St. Mercy)

2 p.m.
"Getting That Novel Done"

The cliche about everyone having a secret novel sitting in a drawer is more true than most people realize. Writer's block, the agonies of the second act, and imposter syndrome are all common obstacles that can keep someone from finishing their projects. Our panelists will discuss the challenges they faced, what they did in order to keep writing until they reach the finish line, and chat about their own journeys to publication.

Desiree Duffy (Black Chateau), Nev March (Murder In Old Bombay), Zara Altair (Argolicus Mysteries)


3 p.m.
"The Universal Appeal of Horror"

Horror is blanket term that actually covers a broad spectrum of sub-genres that span everything from ghosts, to gore, to existential dread. What is it about being scared or unsettled that continues to attract fans both across decades and across cultures? What can we learn about ourselves from these tales of terror?  

Miguel Rodriguez (Horrible Imaginings Film Festival), Michelle Renee Lane (Invisible Chains), Nancy Holder (Mary Shelley Presents Tales of the Supernatural), Jim Phillips (The Skype of Cthulhu) 


4 p.m.

"The Score: Composing for Games"

Composing a catchy theme can be challenging, but it's another level of difficulty altogether when you have to compose a piece of music which needs to be both emotionally evocative while also non-distracting from a gameplay standpoint. Users may hear the same track dozens, possibly hundreds of times in  a loop, so how do you go about writing something interesting that won't get move the player to simply shut the music off? We'll tackle this very challenging genre of music composition with the experts.   

Tony Manfredonia (Call of Saregnar), Dan Policar (Empire of Sin)

Sunday, June 27th

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June 26th - 27th

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